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Address:            Hundeby Consulting Ltd.
                        RR 4, Box 198, Saskatoon, SK., S7K3J7, Canada
                        Phone: 306-242-6858, Fax: 306-249-1366
E-mail: , Website:

Birthplace:    Central Butte, SK., Canada.  July 18, 1948

Education:     High School, LCHS, Loreburn, SK.
                       Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Canada, Grade 9, Harmony 3, History 3
B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, with Great Distinction, 1972, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK. Canada
Worked on Masters in Engineering during the winters: 1973 to 1976

Major Field:   Power and Machinery, Specializing in the design of agricultural equipment

Professional Registration:
            P. Eng., Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan


4/2000 - Present            President, Hundeby Consulting Ltd.

9/1986 - 3/2000            Senior Project Manager, Flexi-coil Ltd., Saskatoon, SK.

10/1983 - 4/1986          Design Engineer for Flexi-coil Ltd., Saskatoon, SK.

10/1982 - 4/1983          Design Engineer for Johnson Manufacturing, Hawarden, SK.
                                    Taught Farm Hydraulics course at Community College

10/1981 - 4/1982          Design work related to irrigation project at Elbow, SK.

10/1976 - 4/1981          Design Projects for Friggstad Manufacturing Ltd., Frontier, SK.

6/1972 - 4/1973            Facilities Engineer, Shell Canada Ltd., Calgary, Alberta

10/1070 - 4/1971          Member of music group, traveled across Canada and USA.

4/1973 - Present            Involved in grain farm operation at Elbow and Saskatoon, SK

Honors and Awards:

2009            The Seed Hawk SCT won an ASABE AE50 award
2008            The Seed Hawk 84’ Air Drill design won an ASABE AE50 award.
2008            The Seed Hawk 400 air cart, that can be configured as a tow-behind, tow-between or on-board system, won an ASABE AE50 award.

2006            Elected to the grade of Fellow in the Canadian Society for Bioengineering, in recognition of outstanding contributions to Engineering for agricultural, food and biological systems through service to CSBE/SCGAB and ASABE.

2006            Asked by the federal government to go to China as a “Technical Advisor for Conservation Agriculture”.

2000            Glenn Downing Award which is a national award given by the Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineers (CSAE) in recognition of outstanding contributions in the area of power and machinery engineering

  • The 9000 Planter System won an ASAE AE 50 award. Project Manager for the 9000 Planting System.


1997            The 8000 Planter/Drill won an ASAE AE 50 award. Designed the 8000 Toolbar and was Project Manager for the 8000 Planter/Drill.

1990            The S-Tine Multi-bar unit won an ASAE AE 50 award. Designed the S-Tine Multi-bar unit.

  • The 1100 air seeder won the ABEX award for best new product in Saskatchewan business. Was design engineer for 1100 air seeder and received the award on behalf of Flexi-coil.

1967/72 Various awards and scholarships including the David Cameron Magill Scholarship


2000 – Present Consulting and forensic engineering services in the technical field of agricultural and mechanical engineering. Designing farm machinery for global markets, to meet or exceed current product safety design standards. Designed machines with companies in Sweden, France, USA and Canada during this time period.

1999-2000 Project Manager for the development of product for the Western European market. Assembled information on CE certification and road traffic homologation for application in European farm machine design.

1992-1998            Project Manager for the development of product for the row-crop areas, especially in North America.

    • Coordinator of Research and Development at Flexi-coil.
    • Project Engineer at Flexi-coil.


Significant contributions and Achievements:

Books and Proceedings:

“Water Cannon Hill Irrigation System” presented at ASAE North Central Regional Conference, September, 1988
“Depth Control and Ground Opening for Air Seeding” presented at Air Seeding ’90, Regina, Saskatchewan, June, 1990.
“Crop Production Equipment for Conservation Agriculture and Direct Seeding in Western Canada” presentation in Beijing, China and HohHot, Inner Mongolia in September 2006


Design and Research work:

2003-present Significant design input for the Canadian company, Seed Hawk. This included the design of the world’s largest production air drill (84’) as well as the world’s largest production air seeder cart (800 bushels), along with numerous other machines (400 and 600) and enhancements to existing products. Brought Vaderstad and Seed Hawk together to form a global alliance for the development and marketing of seeding and fertilizing equipment.
2003-2004 Completed design of a complete line of chisel plows including trip mechanisms for Gregoire-Besson in France. Researched various topics and did design work for various companies in the USA and Canada.
2001-2003 Designed and prototyped a close-coupled packer hitch and field sprayer on the farm in Canada. Designed a header sprayer, grain auger and grain cleaner.
2000-2001 Designed machines with Vaderstad, a company in Sweden.
1999-2000 Studied the European market and farm machines and then designed new machines for Flexi-coil that were to be sold into the western European market.
1991-1998 Design engineer for the initial adaptation of the Flexi-coil air delivery technology into the row-crop areas of the Midwest USA. Worked closely with farmers in the row-crop areas and made many trips back and forth to gather design criteria and follow test machines.
Designed various hitches for the air carts and various toolbars and ground openers, as well as high-capacity row-crop air packages to allow the Flexi-coil air carts to apply granular fertilizer at rates exceeding 500 pounds per acre at nine miles per hour. Project manager for the FSO fertilizer soybean opener, the planter/drill concept and the nurse system.
Designed the 8000 Toolbar and was Project Manager for the 8000 Planter/Drill (ASAE AE 50 award winner) and for the 9000 Planting System (ASAE AE 50 award winner). This included the development of the first system in the world capable of nursing corn seed to the row units on 40’ and 60’ precision planters.
Helped with design work on the System 65 Sprayer and was Project Manager for the 340 Chisel Plow.
Involved in patent litigations as an expert witness, helping with preparation and trial support.
Designed the 550-pound trip that is used on the 340 chisel plow as well as the 5000 air drill, 820 cultivator and the 7500 air drill.
Researched and tested numerous systems to enhance the corrosion protection of various components used in the machines at Flexi-coil.

1989-1990            Designed the S-Tine Multi-bar unit (ASAE AE 50 award winner).

1988-1989 Designed the Model S75 wing-up packer drawbar that was introduced in the spring of 1989.
1986-1987 Projects at Flexi-coil included the 7” engine driven augers and the 10” PTO driven augers that were introduced in 1987 and produced for a short time at Flexi-coil. The style of the 10” auger was based on a unit that had been designed and built earlier on the farm at Elbow. As a safety feature, the augers were designed without external driveshafts, chains or sprockets toward the discharge end. This concept enhanced operator safety while the operator was near that end of the auger.
Worked on the Model 800 cultivator with Terry Friggstad.
Designed the 350-pound trip that is offered on various tillage and seeding machines at Flexi-coil today including the 5000, 820, 340 and 7500.

1986-present Moved to Saskatoon in 1986 and began working full time for Flexi-coil while continuing on with a hobby farm. Designed a house and had it built. While living on the farm at Saskatoon, a number of machines were designed and built for use on the farm, including a rock-digger attachment for a front-end-loader, small s-tine cultivator for pulling behind a lawn/garden tractor and hopper extensions for a pull-type combine. In addition, a pull-type road grader with lift/angle/tilt functions was designed. Two of the road graders were built; one for use at Flexi-coil to maintain the yard and the other continues to be used to grade laneways at home and for neighbors.

1985-1986 Designed the “Water Cannon” which was a machine used for pumping out small sloughs and pot-holes, at the same time irrigating the adjacent land with the water. A patent was obtained on the “Water Cannon” and a number were built and sold by Flexi-coil.

1984-1985 Designed the 1100 air seeder (ABEX award winner). It was the first in a new series of Flexi-coil air seeders that have been very successful in the marketplace. It incorporated the new fan that had been developed the previous year at Flexi-coil and the metering system from Friggstad Manufacturing Ltd. which was purchased in 1984 by Flexi-coil.

1983-1984            Worked on the design of a new high-efficiency air seeder fan.

1982-1983            Designed truck hoists for Johnson Manufacturing, Hawarden, SK.

1981-1982            Helped with the design and installation of an irrigation project at Elbow, SK.

    • Worked on design projects with Terry Friggstad at Friggstad Manufacturing. Some of the projects included: 300 Series chisel plows in working widths from 22’ to 80’, 650 pound trip mechanism for the chisel plows, a hydraulic-fold coil packer drawbar and the “Pneumatic Applicator” air seeder. These machines, when assembled together, were some of the first air seeders developed for sale in North America.
    • Farmed at Elbow. While farming at Elbow, designed and built numerous machines for the farm including a truck sprayer, a mechanical marker for high-speed truck sprayers, combine chaff spreaders and numerous tow-bars to pull pick-up trucks from field to field behind tractor/implement combinations.

Designed and constructed a substantial addition to the home in Elbow.
In 1978, designed, built and patented a tandem swather hitch for use of the farm at Elbow. This patent was later sold to Macdon Industries and the units were sold commercially.


Named as inventor or co-inventor on the following Canadian, USA, and World patents that have been issued or published.

  1. CA 1104351 (US 4,346,909): Transport Mechanism for Single and Multiple Unit Pull Type Implements
  2. CA 1294168 (US 4,840,233): Agricultural Implement for Supporting Ground Working Tools at Variable Heights Relative to Ground Level
  3. CA 1295647  (US 4,858,832): Agricultural Water Cannon
  4. CA 1317150 (US 4,977,964): Resilient Planar Framework for Supporting Multiple Groundworking Tools
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  50. WO 2003/071856: A Distributor Device for an Agricultural Machine for Spreading Granular Material


Additional patent applications are currently in a patent pending status.  

Membership in Professional Societies:

            Canadian Society for Bioengineering
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan


Professional Contributions:

Active on various ASABE standards committees, including helping to write ASABE standards, over the last twenty years.

Wrote the original text and served as Project Lead for new ASABE Standard S506 “Terminology and Definitions for Planters, Drills and Seeders”.

Current:  Member ASABE PM-23/3/1 Implement Jack Committee
  Member ASABE PM-23/4/1 Agricultural Equipment Braking Committee
  Member ASABE PM-23/4/3 Lighting and Marking Committee
              Member ASABE PM-42 Cultural Practices Equipment Committee
              Member ASABE PM-46 Tractive & Transport Efficiency
              Member ASABE PM-58 Agricultural Equipment Automation

Past:            Member ASAE PM-41 Pest Control and Fertilizer Application Committee
            Member ASAE PM-41/1 Liquid Materials Application Committee
            Member ASAE PM-41/3 Dry Materials Application Committee
            Member ASAE PM-03/8 Implement Tire Committee
            Member ASAE T-13 International Standardization Committee


Engineering and Agronomic visits:

Visited farms and studied farming practices in the following locations:

Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island.

United States: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Hawaii.

Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Norway, and Sweden

Asia: China, Viet Nam, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Visited China and Inner Mongolia in September 2006. Attended the “East Asia Bioproduction Engineering Forum” July, 2001 at Sacramento, California.

Attended farm machinery shows and dealerships as well as studying the machines on display at the following locations:

            Canada: Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario

United States: California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii, Minnesota, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Texas and Kansas,

Europe: United Kingdom, France, Sweden and Germany


Visited the Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Godollo, Hungary.

Visited the Engineering Institute in Singapore.

Visited the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Visited numerous Agricultural Engineering Institutes/Colleges and Research Stations in Canada and the United States.

Other information:

Born and raised on a farm at Elbow, Saskatchewan. In 1965, the family farm won the “Master Farm Family Award” for their district.

Farm 400 hectares and help advise brothers on farm machinery requirements for their 8000+ hectare farm operations.

Married to Annette and they have four sons, two daughters-in-law and two grandsons.

During the past thirty years has been active in the community, including singing, playing guitar and piano and serving as in a local church, coaching and playing minor hockey, driving school bus and serving as alderman for the village of Elbow.